Vol. 15 No. 1 (2022): Fifteenth International Symposium on Combinatorial Search

SoCS 22 Cover

ISBN 1-57735-873-2
340 pp., illus, references.
Copyright © 2022, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

The Fifteenth Annual Symposium on Combinatorial was held at the Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria, from July 21–23, 2022. The symposium cochairs were Lukáš Chrpa and Alessandro Saetti. The proceedings were published by AAAI Press.

Heuristic search and other forms of combinatorial search optimization are very active areas of research in artificial intelligence, robotics, planning, and other areas of computer science. The International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS) is meant to bring researchers in such areas together to exchange ideas and crossfertilize the field. SoCS is a forum for researchers and submissions in all fields that use combinatorial search, including artificial intelligence, planning, robotics, constraint programming, metareasoning, operations research, navigation, and bioinformatics. The symposium also welcomes submissions presenting real-world applications of heuristic search.

Published: 2022-07-18

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