Informed Steiner Trees: Sampling and Pruning for Multi-Goal Path Finding in High Dimensions (Extended Abstract)


  • Nikhil Chandak IIIT Hyderabad, India
  • Kenny Chour Texas A&M University
  • Sivakumar Rathinam Texas A&M University
  • R. Ravi Carnegie Mellon University



Search In Robotics, Search Space Discretization For Continuous State-space Problems, Problem Solving Using Search, Search In Goal-directed Problem Solving


We interleave sampling based motion planning methods with pruning ideas from minimum spanning tree algorithms to develop a new approach for solving a Multi-Goal Path Finding (MGPF) problem in high dimensional spaces. The approach alternates between sampling points from selected regions in the search space and de-emphasizing regions that may not lead to good solutions for MGPF. Our approach provides an asymptotic, 2-approximation guarantee for MGPF. We also present extensive numerical results to illustrate the advantages of our proposed approach over uniform sampling in terms of the quality of the solutions found and computation speed.