On the Use of Width-Based Search for Multi Agent Privacy-Preserving Planning (Extended Abstract)


  • Alfonso E. Gerevini University of Brescia
  • Nir Lipovetzky The University of Melbourne
  • Francesco Percassi University of Huddersfield University of Brescia
  • Alessandro Saetti University of Brescia
  • Ivan Serina University of Brescia


Model-based Search, Bounding And Pruning Techniques


The aim of decentralised multi-agent (DMA) planning is to coordinate a set of agents to jointly achieve a goal while preserving their privacy. Blind search algorithms, such as width-based search, have recently proved to be very effective in the context of centralised automated planning, especially when combined with goal-oriented techniques. In this paper, we discuss a recent line of research in which the usage of width-based search has been extensively studied in the context of DMA planning, addressing the challenges related to the agents' privacy and performance.