Situated Grid Pathfinding Among Moving Obstacles (Extended Abstract)


  • Devin Thomas University of New Hampshire
  • Tianyi Gu University of New Hampshire
  • Wheeler Ruml University of New Hampshire
  • Eyal Solomon Shimony Ben-Gurion University



Real-time Search, Search In Robotics, Analysis Of Search Algorithms, Search Space Discretization For Continuous State-space Problems


There has been much recent work on finding paths in grid maps among moving obstacles. However, in addition to assuming complete omniscience regarding the map and the obstacles' trajectories, previous work has also assumed that time stands still while the agent plans. In this paper, we address situated pathfinding, in which time passes and the obstacles continue to move while the agent plans. We study the choice of state space representation and search algorithm, with a focus on whether conclusions drawn from studies in the off-line case continue to hold in a situated setting.