Viewpoints AI


  • Mikhail Jacob Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Gaëtan Coisne Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Akshay Gupta Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ivan Sysoev Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Gaurav Verma Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Brian Magerko Georgia Institute of Technology



mixed reality, gestural interaction, computational creativity, Viewpoints, interactive art


This article describes a technical approach to movement-based interactions between a human interactor and an intelligent agent based on the theatrical Viewpoints movement framework. The Viewpoints AI system features procedural gesture interpretation using shallow semantics and deep aesthetics analysis from the Viewpoints framework. The installation creates a liminal virtual / real space for the human and AI to interact by the use of digital projection for the AI visualization and shadow play to represent the human. Observations from a recent public demonstration of the system and future directions of work are also discussed.




How to Cite

Jacob, M., Coisne, G., Gupta, A., Sysoev, I., Verma, G., & Magerko, B. (2021). Viewpoints AI. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 9(1), 16-22.