The Route Not Taken: Driver-Centric Estimation of Electric Vehicle Range


  • Peter Ondruska University of Oxford
  • Ingmar Posner University of Oxford



Markov Decision Process, Electric Vehicle, Energy Prediction, Range Prediction, Driver Behaviour Modelling, Inverse Reinforcement Learning


This paper addresses the challenge of efficiently and accurately predicting an electric vehicle's attainable range. Specifically, our approach accounts for a driver's generalised route preferences to provide up-to-date, personalised information based on estimates of the energy required to reach every possible destination in a map. We frame this task in the context of sequential decision making and show that energy consumption in reaching a particular destination can be formulated as policy evaluation in a Markov Decision Process. In particular, we exploit the properties of the model adopted for predicting likely energy consumption to every possible destination in a realistically sized map in real-time. The policy to be evaluated is learned and, over time, refined using Inverse Reinforcement Learning to provide for a life-long adaptive system. Our approach is evaluated using a publicly available dataset providing real trajectory data of 50 individuals spanning approximately 10,000 miles of travel. We show that by accounting for driver specific route preferences our system significantly reduces the relative error in energy prediction compared to more common, driver-agnostic heuristics such as shortest-path or shortest-time routes.




How to Cite

Ondruska, P., & Posner, I. (2014). The Route Not Taken: Driver-Centric Estimation of Electric Vehicle Range. Proceedings of the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, 24(1), 413-420.