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The International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling came about from the merging of the International AI Planning and Scheduling Conference (AIPS) and the European Conference on Planning (ECP). Although the first conference under the new name was held in 2003, the organizers have honored the numbering of the two previous conferences. AAAI Press has published all of the previous ICAPS proceedings, and most of the prior AIPS proceedings, but none of the ECP proceedings.

The primary objectives of ICAPS are to further the field of automated planning and scheduling through the organization of technical meetings, including the annual ICAPS conference, through the organization of summer schools, tutorials and training activities at various events, through the organization of planning and scheduling competitions, benchmarking and other means of advancing and assessing the state of the art in the field, by promoting the involvement of young scientists in the field through scholarships and other means, and by promoting and disseminating publications, planning and scheduling systems, domains, simulators, software tools and technical material. For further information about ICAPS, please consult the main conference site at