Game Level Clustering and Generation Using Gaussian Mixture VAEs


  • Zhihan Yang Carleton College
  • Anurag Sarkar Northeastern University
  • Seth Cooper Northeastern University



Variational autoencoders (VAEs) have been shown to be able to generate game levels but require manual exploration of the learned latent space to generate outputs with desired attributes. While conditional VAEs address this by allowing generation to be conditioned on labels, such labels have to be provided during training and thus require prior knowledge which may not always be available. In this paper, we apply Gaussian Mixture VAEs (GMVAEs), a variant of the VAE which imposes a mixture of Gaussians (GM) on the latent space, unlike regular VAEs which impose a unimodal Gaussian. This allows GMVAEs to cluster levels in an unsupervised manner using the components of the GM and then generate new levels using the learned components. We demonstrate our approach with levels from Super Mario Bros., Kid Icarus and Mega Man. Our results show that the learned components discover and cluster level structures and patterns and can be used to generate levels with desired characteristics.




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Yang, Z., Sarkar, A., & Cooper, S. (2020). Game Level Clustering and Generation Using Gaussian Mixture VAEs. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 16(1), 137-143.