TOAD-GAN: Coherent Style Level Generation from a Single Example


  • Maren Awiszus Leibniz University Hanover
  • Frederik Schubert Leibniz University Hanover
  • Bodo Rosenhahn Leibniz University Hanover



In this work, we present TOAD-GAN (Token-based One-shot Arbitrary Dimension Generative Adversarial Network), a novel Procedural Content Generation (PCG) algorithm that generates token-based video game levels. TOAD-GAN follows the SinGAN architecture and can be trained using only one example. We demonstrate its application for Super Mario Bros. levels and are able to generate new levels of similar style in arbitrary sizes. We achieve state-of-the-art results in modeling the patterns of the training level and provide a comparison with different baselines under several metrics. Additionally, we present an extension of the method that allows the user to control the generation process of certain token structures to ensure a coherent global level layout. We provide this tool to the community to spur further research by publishing our source code.




How to Cite

Awiszus, M., Schubert, F., & Rosenhahn, B. (2020). TOAD-GAN: Coherent Style Level Generation from a Single Example. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 16(1), 10-16.