AI Wall Building in Empire Earth II


  • Tara Teich Mad Doc Software
  • Ian Lane Davis Mad Doc Software



Real-Time Strategy games are among the most popular genres of commercial PC games, and also have widely applicable analogs in the field of Serious Games such as military simulations, city planning, and other forms of simulation involving multi-agent coordination and an underlying economy. One of the core tasks in playing a traditional Real-Time Strategy game is building a base in an effective manner and defending it well. Creating an AI that can construct a successful wall was one of the more challenging areas of development on Empire Earth II, as building a wall requires analysis of the terrain and techniques from computational geometry. An effective wall can hold off enemy troops and keep battles away from the delicate economy inside the base.




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Teich, T., & Davis, I. (2021). AI Wall Building in Empire Earth II. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 2(1), 133-135.