Game Level Generation from Gameplay Videos


  • Matthew Guzdial Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Mark Riedl Georgia Institute of Technology



procedural content generation, machine learning, game ai


We present an unsupervised process to generate full video game levels from a model trained on gameplay video. The model represents probabilistic relationships between shapes properties, and relates the relationships to stylistic variance within a domain. We utilize the classic platformer game Super Mario Bros. to evaluate this process due to its highly-regarded level design. We evaluate the output in comparison to other data-driven level generation techniques via a user study and demonstrate its ability to produce novel output more stylistically similar to exemplar input.




How to Cite

Guzdial, M., & Riedl, M. (2021). Game Level Generation from Gameplay Videos. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 12(1), 44-50.