The Gold Standard: Automatically Generating Puzzle Game Levels


  • David Williams-King University of Calgary
  • Jörg Denzinger University of Calgary
  • John Aycock University of Calgary
  • Ben Stephenson University of Calgary



procedural content generation, puzzle game, Lode Runner, KGoldrunner


KGoldrunner is a puzzle-oriented platform game with dynamic elements. This paper describes Goldspinner, an automatic level generation system for KGoldrunner. Goldspinner has two parts: a genetic algorithm that generates candidate levels, and simulations that use an AI agent to attempt to solve the level from the player's perspective. Our genetic algorithm determines how "good" a candidate level is by examining many different properties of the level, all based on its static aspects. Once the genetic algorithm identifies a good candidate, simulations are performed to evaluate the dynamic aspects of the level. Levels that are statically good may not be dynamically good (or even solvable), making simulation an essential aspect of our level generation system. By carefully optimizing our genetic algorithm and simulation agent we have created an efficient system capable of generating interesting levels in real time.




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Williams-King, D., Denzinger, J., Aycock, J., & Stephenson, B. (2021). The Gold Standard: Automatically Generating Puzzle Game Levels. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 8(1), 191-196.