Novice-Friendly Authoring of Plan-Based Interactive Storyboards


  • James Skorupski University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Michael Mateas University of California, Santa Cruz



storyboards, comics, interactive narrative, reactive planning, ABL


Story Canvas is a visual authoring tool for the creation of interactive, generative stories. Aimed at authors without a technical background in computational storytelling, our system takes an existing author goal-based narrative planning architecture and adds a highly visual authoring and reading interface to the technology, using the language of storyboards and comics as a framework for both authoring and interacting with the resulting narratives. In this paper we describe Story Canvas and its evolution from our previous authoring work, including how our interface choices have been driven by our previous experiences with non-technical authors, and describe the details of translating the visual authoring constructs into story plans within the story generator.




How to Cite

Skorupski, J., & Mateas, M. (2010). Novice-Friendly Authoring of Plan-Based Interactive Storyboards. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 6(1), 174-179.