The Pataphysic Institute


  • Mirjam Eladhari Gotland University



Artificial Intelligence, cognitive simulation, games, emotion, personality


The Pataphysic Institute (PI) is a research prototype multi-player game world. In PI, the personalities of the inhabitants are the base for the game mechanics. When interacting with other characters the potential emotional reactions depend upon avatars' current mood and personality. PI is built with inspiration from personality psychology and affect theory in an attempt to mimic possible emotional responses in order to give the player support in role-playing. The mental states of characters depend on their personalities and on their current moods. Moods differ according to context and to recent experiences. Emotional experiences become memories and define the relationships between characters. The mental state is the sum of the character and governs what actions can be performed in a given moment. In order to do certain things the characters need to be in certain moods — and for this the players need to game their avatars' emotions, and game their relationships.




How to Cite

Eladhari, M. (2010). The Pataphysic Institute. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 6(1), 219-220.