Concepts for Interactive Digital Storytelling: From Table-top to Game-AI


  • Martin van Velsen Carnegie Mellon University
  • Josh Williams USC Institute for Creative Technologies
  • Gustav Verhulsdonck New Mexico State University



Table-top, AI, Interactive Narrative, Collaborative Storytelling, Game Design, Narrative and Character Development, Interactive drama, User Modeling


In the current environment of digital games and immersive role playing systems, we often overlook previous methods of conveying and experiencing narrative based entertainment. We present a fresh perspective on interactive digital storytelling systems based on table-top role playing games. Table-top games offer players the ability to negotiate and determine outcomes of a game with a referee. This cooperative strategy provides opportunities for studying new approaches to AI in interactive narrative. Using table-top role playing games as a model, we propose terminology and concepts that are different from the normally applied traditional literary or dramaturgical perspectives.




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van Velsen, M., Williams, J., & Verhulsdonck, G. (2009). Concepts for Interactive Digital Storytelling: From Table-top to Game-AI. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 5(1), 173-178.