Adapting Game-Playing Agents to Game Requirements


  • Joshua Jones Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Chris Parnin Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Avik Sinharoy Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Spencer Rugaber Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Ashok Goel Georgia Institute of Technology



Automatic Software Adaptation, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence


We examine the problem of self-adaptation in game-playing agents as the game requirements evolve incrementally. The goal of our current work is to develop an interactive environment in which the game designer generates requirements for a new version of a game, and the legacy software agents from previous versions of the game adapt themselves to the new game requirements. We are developing and testing our metareasoning technique for adapting a game-playing agents in Freeciv, a mature program in the domain of turn-based, multi-player strategy games. In this paper, we first present an analysis of adaptations to FreeCiv, next describe our general approach, and then describe a specific adaptation scenario.




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Jones, J., Parnin, C., Sinharoy, A., Rugaber, S., & Goel, A. (2009). Adapting Game-Playing Agents to Game Requirements. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 5(1), 148-153.