Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems


  • Thomas J. Laffey
  • Preston A. Cox
  • James L. Schmidt
  • Simon M. Kao
  • Jackson Y. Readk



Real-time domains present a new and challenging environment for the application of knowledge-based problem-solving techniques. However, a substantial amount of research is still needed to solve many difficult problems before real-time expert systems can enhance current monitoring and control systems. In this article, we examine how the real-time problem domain is significantly different from those domains which have traditionally been solved by expert systems. We conduct a survey on the current state of the art in applying knowledge-based systems to real-time problems and describe the key issues that are pertinent in a real-time domain. The survey is divided into three areas: applications, tools, and theoretic issues. From the results of the survey, we identify a set of real-time research issues that have yet to be solved and point out limitations of current tools for real-time problems. Finally, we propose a set of requirements that a real-time knowledge-based system must satisfy.




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Laffey, T. J., Cox, P. A., Schmidt, J. L., Kao, S. M., & Readk, J. Y. (1988). Real-Time Knowledge-Based Systems. AI Magazine, 9(1), 27.