About the Journal

AI Magazine is an official publication of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). It is published four times each year in fall, winter, spring, and summer issues, and is sent to all members of the Association and subscribed to by most research libraries. Back issues are available on-line (issues less than 18 months old are only available to AAAI members).

The purpose of AI Magazine is to disseminate timely and informative expository articles that represent the current state of the art in AI and to keep its readers posted on AAAI-related matters. The articles are selected for appeal to readers engaged in research and applications across the broad spectrum of AI. Although some level of technical understanding is assumed by the authors, articles should be clear enough to inform readers who work outside the particular subject area. 

Regular features in AI Magazine include expository feature articles, workshop, symposium, and conference summaries, editorials, news about the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence including upcoming AAAI conferences, letters to the editor, forum discussions, calendar of events, recruitment and product advertising, and columns on various topics including reports on worldwide AI activities, industry, and competitions.

AI Magazine publishes original articles that are reasonably self-contained and aimed at a broad spectrum of the AI community. Technical content should be kept to a minimum. In general, the magazine does not publish articles that have been published elsewhere in whole or in part. The magazine welcomes the contribution of articles on the theory and practice of AI as well as general survey articles, tutorial articles on timely topics, conference or symposia or workshop reports, and timely columns on topics of interest to AI scientists. 

Professional Quality
To reach a broad readership and ensure high standards of accuracy, quality, and consistency, every article accepted for publication in AI Magazine is professionally copyedited, and all figures and tables are rendered by a professional graphic artist. Articles are edited for format; organization; correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; textual clarity; appropriate use of figures and tables; and correct use of abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols. References are reviewed for appropriate format and completeness. All articles will appear in a style and manner and format as appears to us best suited for the magazine.

AAAI requires transfer of copyright to all material published in the magazine.  Permission to republish material published in AI Magazine is required. Authors are granted back specific rights, which are specified in the AAAI Copyright Form.

Privacy, Publication, Ethics and Malpractice, Publication Policy
AAAI maintains a privacy policy, a Publications, Ethics, and Malpractice statement, and a Publications Policy statement on the AAAI website at www.aaai.org.

Document Object Identifiers (DOIs)
AAAI is a member of Crossref. Upon publication, all AI Magazine metadata, including persistent identifiers and comprehensive information about content is deposited with Crossref.

LOCKSS Network
AAAI is a participant in the LOCKSS program through the Public Knowledge Project.

Project ORCHID
AAAI is a participant in the ORCID researcher identifier program through the Public Knowledge Project.