Scientific DataLink's Artificial Intelligence Classification Scheme


  • David Waltz



About a year ago. I was approached by Phoebe Huang of Comtex Scientific Corporation who hoped that I would help devise a dramatically expanded index for topics in AI to aid Comtex in indexing the series of AI memos and reports that they had been gathering. Comtex had tried to get the ACM to expand and update its classification. But was told that ACM had just revised the listing two years ago or so ago, and did not intend to revise it again for a while: even if they did. The revision might require a year or more to complete. Comtex wanted the new classification within six to eight weeks. I agreed to take on the task, thinking it wouldn't be too hard. The major decision I had to make was whether to use the existing ACM index scheme and add to it, or start with a fresh sheet of paper and devise my own. I decided to stick with ACM's top two levels, only adding, not modifying, major headings.




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Waltz, D. (1985). Scientific DataLink’s Artificial Intelligence Classification Scheme. AI Magazine, 6(1), 58.