Reports on the AAAI 1999 Workshop Program


  • Brian Drabble
  • Laurent Chaudron
  • Catherine Tessier
  • Sue Abu-Hakima
  • Steven Willmott
  • Jim Austin
  • Boi Faltings
  • Eugene C. Freuder
  • Gerhard Friedrich
  • Alex A. Freitas
  • U. Cortes
  • M. Sanchez-Marre
  • David W. Aha
  • Irma Becerra-Fernandez
  • Hector Munoz-Avila
  • Aditya Ghose
  • Tim Menzies
  • Ken Satoh
  • Mary Elaine Califf
  • Michael Cox
  • Sandip Sen
  • Patrick Brezillon
  • Jean-Charles Pomerol
  • Roy Turner
  • Elise Turner



The AAAI-99 Workshop Program (a part of the sixteenth national conference on artificial intelligence) was held in Orlando, Florida. The program included 16 workshops covering a wide range of topics in AI. Each workshop was limited to approximately 25 to 50 participants. Participation was by invitation from the workshop organizers. The workshops were Agent-Based Systems in the Business Context, Agents' Conflicts, Artificial Intelligence for Distributed Information Networking, Artificial Intelligence for Electronic Commerce, Computation with Neural Systems Workshop, Configuration, Data Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms: Research Directions (Jointly sponsored by GECCO-99), Environmental Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence, Exploring Synergies of Knowledge Management and Case-Based Reasoning, Intelligent Information Systems, Intelligent Software Engineering, Machine Learning for Information Extraction, Mixed-Initiative Intelligence, Negotiation: Settling Conflicts and Identifying Opportunities, Ontology Management, and Reasoning in Context for AI Applications.




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Drabble, B., Chaudron, L., Tessier, C., Abu-Hakima, S., Willmott, S., Austin, J., Faltings, B., Freuder, E. C., Friedrich, G., Freitas, A. A., Cortes, U., Sanchez-Marre, M., Aha, D. W., Becerra-Fernandez, I., Munoz-Avila, H., Ghose, A., Menzies, T., Satoh, K., Califf, M. E., Cox, M., Sen, S., Brezillon, P., Pomerol, J.-C., Turner, R., & Turner, E. (2000). Reports on the AAAI 1999 Workshop Program. AI Magazine, 21(1), 95.



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