Programming Languages in GitHub: A Visualization in Hyperbolic Plane


  • Dorota Celińska University of Warsaw
  • Eryk Kopczyński University of Warsaw



GitHub is nowadays the largest software repository hosting service that incorporates social media functionalities to writing and assessing source code. We visualize the weighted network of programming languages used by the registered users of GitHub as of December 2016. There is an edge in the graph between language A and B if and only if A and B are both used by the same user in any of her repositories. The weight depends on the number of times such edge appears. Our visualization utilizes hyperbolic geometry, which is intrinsic to networks based on similarity and popularity. RogueViz, a novel tool, based on the Open Source game HyperRogue, is used to map the network and navigate the hyperbolic graph.




How to Cite

Celińska, D., & Kopczyński, E. (2017). Programming Languages in GitHub: A Visualization in Hyperbolic Plane. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 11(1), 727-728.