Are People Really Social in Porn 2.0?


  • Gareth Tyson Queen Mary University of London
  • Yehia Elkhatib Lancaster University
  • Nishanth Sastry King's College London
  • Steve Uhlig Queen Mary University of London



Porn 2.0, multimedia social networks, gender, sexuality


Social Web 2.0 features have become a vital component in a variety of multimedia systems, e.g., YouTube, Interestingly, adult video websites are also starting to adopt these Web 2.0 principles, giving rise to the term "Porn 2.0". This paper examines a large Porn 2.0 social network, through data covering 563k users. We explore a number of unusual behavioural aspects that set this apart from more traditional multimedia social networks. We particularly focus on the role of gender and sexuality, to understand how these different groups behave. A number of key differences are discovered relating to social demographics, modalities of interaction and content consumption habits, shedding light on this understudied area of online activity.




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Tyson, G., Elkhatib, Y., Sastry, N., & Uhlig, S. (2021). Are People Really Social in Porn 2.0?. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 9(1), 436-444.