An Empirical Study of Geographic User Activity Patterns in Foursquare


  • Anastasios Noulas University of Cambridge
  • Salvatore Scellato University of Cambridge
  • Cecilia Mascolo University of Cambridge
  • Massimiliano Pontil University College London


We present a large-scale study of user behavior in Foursquare, conducted on a dataset of about 700 thousand users that spans a period of more than 100 days. We analyze user checkin dynamics, demonstrating how it reveals meaningful spatio-temporal patterns and offers the opportunity to study both user mobility and urban spaces. Our aim is to inform on how scientific researchers could utilise data generated in Location-based Social Networks to attain a deeper understanding of human mobility and how developers may take advantage of such systems to enhance applications such as recommender systems.




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Noulas, A., Scellato, S., Mascolo, C., & Pontil, M. (2021). An Empirical Study of Geographic User Activity Patterns in Foursquare. Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media, 5(1), 570-573. Retrieved from