Theoretical Foundations for Structural Symmetries of Lifted PDDL Tasks


  • Silvan Sievers University of Basel
  • Gabriele Röger University of Basel
  • Martin Wehrle University of Basel
  • Michael Katz IBM


We transfer the notion of structural symmetries to lifted planning task representations, based on abstract structures which we define to model planning tasks. We show that symmetries are preserved by common grounding methods and we shed some light on the relation to previous symmetry concepts used in planning. Using a suitable graph representation of lifted tasks, our experimental analysis of common planning benchmarks reveals that symmetries occur in the lifted representation of many domains. Our work establishes the theoretical ground for exploiting symmetries beyond their previous scope, such as for faster grounding and mutex generation, as well as for state space transformations and reductions.




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Sievers, S., Röger, G., Wehrle, M., & Katz, M. (2019). Theoretical Foundations for Structural Symmetries of Lifted PDDL Tasks. Proceedings of the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, 29(1), 446-454. Retrieved from