Translations from Discretised PDDL+ to Numeric Planning


  • Francesco Percassi University of Huddersfield
  • Enrico Scala University of Brescia
  • Mauro Vallati University of Huddersfield



Mixed Planning With Continuous And Discrete Actions


Hybrid PDDL+ models are amongst the most advanced models of systems and the resulting problems are notoriously difficult for planning engines to cope with. An additional limiting factor for the exploitation of PDDL+ approaches in real-world applications is the restricted number of domain-independent planning engines that can reason upon those models. With the aim of deepening the understanding of PDDL+ models, in this work we study a novel mapping between a time discretisation of PDDL+ and numeric planning as for PDDL2.1 (level 2). The proposed mapping not only clarifies the relationship between these two formalisms, but also enables the use of a wider pool of engines, thus fostering the use of hybrid planning in real-world applications. Our experimental analysis shows the usefulness of the proposed translation, and demonstrates the potential of the approach for improving the solvability of complex PDDL+ instances.




How to Cite

Percassi, F., Scala, E., & Vallati, M. (2021). Translations from Discretised PDDL+ to Numeric Planning. Proceedings of the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, 31(1), 252-261.