Sampling-Based Coverage Path Planning for Inspection of Complex Structures


  • Brendan Englot Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Franz Hover Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Path Planning, Sensor-Based Planning, Marine Robotics


We present several new contributions in sampling-based coverage path planning, the task of finding feasible paths that give 100% sensor coverage of complex structures in obstaclefilled and visually occluded environments. First, we establish a framework for analyzing the probabilistic completeness of a sampling-based coverage algorithm, and derive results on the completeness and convergence of existing algorithms. Second, we introduce a new algorithm for the iterative improvement of a feasible coverage path; this relies on a samplingbased subroutine that makes asymptotically optimal local improvements to a feasible coverage path based on a strong generalization of the RRT* algorithm. We then apply the algorithm to the real-world task of autonomous in-water ship hull inspection. We use our improvement algorithm in conjunction with redundant roadmap coverage planning algorithm to produce paths that cover complex 3D environments with unprecedented efficiency.




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Englot, B., & Hover, F. (2012). Sampling-Based Coverage Path Planning for Inspection of Complex Structures. Proceedings of the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling, 22(1), 29-37.