Towards More Believable Characters Using Personality and Emotion


  • Alireza Shirvani University of Kentucky


Interactive virtual worlds provide an immersive and effective environment for training, education, and entertainment purposes. So far, there have been considerable advances in 3D and AI design to enhance virtual environments. Virtual characters are one of the crucial aspects of interactive narratives. The interaction of rich virtual characters can produce interesting narrative and as a result, enhance the experience of virtual environments. As one of those characters, the user would feel immersed and engaged when interacting with compelling characters. There are many characteristics that improve believable behavior generation, including beliefs, goals, desires, affect, and personality. My goal is to propose an affective model of personality for multi-agent narrative planning systems that is domain independent and thus minimizes authorial burden. I aim to combine existing models into a unified framework. Although the framework may oversimply those models, it would not overlook their key ingredients.




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