Causal Necessity as a Narrative Planning Step Cost Function


  • Stephen G. Ware University of Kentucky
  • Lasantha Senanayake University of Kentucky
  • Rachelyn Farrell University of Kentucky



Causal Necessity, Narrative Planning, Story Generation


Narrative planning generates a sequence of actions which must achieve the author's goal for the story and must be composed only of actions that make sense for the characters who take them. A causally necessary action is one that would make the plan impossible to execute if it were left out. We hypothesize that action sequences which are solutions to narrative planning problems are more likely to feature causally necessary actions than those which are not solutions. In this paper, we show that prioritizing sequences with more causally necessary actions can lead to solutions faster in ten benchmark story planning problems.




How to Cite

Ware, S. G., Senanayake, L., & Farrell, R. (2023). Causal Necessity as a Narrative Planning Step Cost Function. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 19(1), 155-164.