Towards AI as a Creative Colleague in Game Level Design


  • Tinea Larsson Malmö University
  • Jose Font Malmö University
  • Alberto Alvarez Malmö University



Mixed-Initiative Co-Creativity, AI-roles, User Studies, Level Design


In Mixed-Initiative Co-Creative tools, the human is mostly in control of what will and can be created, delegating the AI to a more suggestive role instead of a colleague in the co-creative process. Allowing more control and agency for the AI might be an interesting path in co-creative scenarios where AI could direct and take more initiative within the co-creative task. However, the relationship between AI and human designers in creative processes is delicate, as adjusting the initiative or agency of the AI can negatively affect the user experience. In this paper, different degrees of agency for the AI are explored within the Evolutionary Dungeon Designer (EDD) to further understand MI-CC tools. A user study was performed using EDD with three varying degrees of AI agency. The study highlighted elements of frustration that the human designer experiences when using the tool and the behavior in the AI that led to possible strains on the relationship. The paper concludes with the identified issues and possible solutions and suggested further research.




How to Cite

Larsson, T., Font, J., & Alvarez, A. (2022). Towards AI as a Creative Colleague in Game Level Design. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 18(1), 137-145.