Minimizing Coordination in Multi-Agent Path Finding with Dynamic Execution


  • Aidan Wagner Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rishi Veerapaneni Carnegie Mellon University
  • Maxim Likhachev Carnegie Mellon University



Multi Agent Path Finding, Conflict Based Search, Minimized Coordination


Multi-agent Path Finding (MAPF) is an important problem in large games with many dynamic agents that need to follow space-time trajectories without inter-agent collisions. Modern MAPF solvers plan assuming that agents directly follow the space-time trajectories at known constant speeds without delays or speedups, resulting in rigid plans which need to be replanned if there are changes during execution. Instead we would like agents to be able to follow their computed paths with dynamic velocities while requiring minimal coordination with others to prevent collisions and deadlocks. One way to address this problem is to first produce collision free space-time paths and then compute a coordination controller that prevents collisions and deadlock during dynamic execution. This two step process prevents fully minimizing coordination as the initially planned space-time paths do not reason about coordination and can be arbitrarily bad. We introduce a novel paradigm and show how planning in space-coordination level, rather than space-time, allows us to simultaneously plan paths and a coordination controller. Our method, Space-Level Conflict-Based Search (SL-CBS), builds on the Conflict-Based Search framework and allows us to reason explicitly about coordination, producing paths as well as a coordination controller with bounded suboptimal minimal coordination. We show experimentally that this results in a 20-50% reduction in coordination compared to the closest state of the art solver.




How to Cite

Wagner, A., Veerapaneni, R., & Likhachev, M. (2022). Minimizing Coordination in Multi-Agent Path Finding with Dynamic Execution. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 18(1), 61-69.