Challenges in Generating Juice Effects for Automatically Designed Games


  • Mads Johansen IT University of Copenhagen
  • Michael Cook Queen Mary University of London



Automated Game Design, Procedural Content Generation, Juice Generation


Automated game design research is usually most concerned with the mechanics and systems of a game, while aesthetics and effects are left to a minimum, if they are considered at all. In this project we integrate 'Squeezer', a tool for generating visual and audio effects (sometimes called 'juice') for games, with 'Puck', an automated game designer. The resulting hybrid system can design games and then generate appropriate sets of effects, making it the first automated game design system that directly engages with 'juiciness' in design. We support this work with a user study, measuring player responses to games with simple animations, effects automatically designed and arranged by Puck, and effects designed and arranged by an expert human designer. We then dissect the engineering challenges presented by integrating the two systems, and the new research questions raised by applying juice through automated game design systems.




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Johansen, M., & Cook, M. (2021). Challenges in Generating Juice Effects for Automatically Designed Games. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 17(1), 42-49.