Any-Angle Path Planning for Computer Games


  • Peter Yap University of Alberta
  • Neil Burch University of Alberta
  • Robert Holte University of Alberta
  • Jonathan Schaeffer University of Alberta



Search, path planning, games, any-angle, planning, grids,


Path planning is a critical part of modern computer games; rare is the game where nothing moves and path planning is unneeded. A* is the workhorse for most path planning applications. Block A* is a state-of-the-art algorithm that is always faster than A* in experiments using game maps. Unlike other methods that improve upon A*'s performance, Block A* is never worse than A* nor require any knowledge of the map. In our experiments, Block A* is ideal for games with randomly generated maps, large maps, or games with a highly dynamic multi-agent environment. Furthermore, in the domain of grid-based any-angle path planning, we show that Block A* is an order of magnitude faster than the previous best any-angle path planning algorithm, Theta*. We empirically show our results using maps from Dragon Age: Origins and Starcraft. Finally, we introduce ``populated game maps'' as a new test bed that is a better approximation of real game conditions than the standard test beds of this field. The main contributions of this paper is a more rigorous set of experiments for Block A*, and introducing a new test bed (populated game maps) that is a more accurate representation of actual game conditions than the standard test beds.




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Yap, P., Burch, N., Holte, R., & Schaeffer, J. (2011). Any-Angle Path Planning for Computer Games. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment, 7(1), 201-207.