Mining User Interests from Personal Photos


  • Pengtao Xie Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yulong Pei Carnegie Mellon University
  • Yuan Xie Carnegie Mellon University
  • Eric Xing Carnegie Mellon University



Personal photos are enjoying explosive growth with the popularity of photo-taking devices and social media. The vast amount of online photos largely exhibit users' interests, emotion and opinions. Mining user interests from personal photos can boost a number of utilities, such as advertising, interest based community detection and photo recommendation. In this paper, we study the problem of user interests mining from personal photos. We propose a User Image Latent Space Model to jointly model user interests and image contents. User interests are modeled as latent factors and each user is assumed to have a distribution over them. By inferring the latent factors and users' distributions, we can discover what the users are interested in. We model image contents with a four-level hierarchical structure where the layers correspond to themes, semantic regions, visual words and pixels respectively. Users' latent interests are embedded in the theme layer. Given image contents, users' interests can be discovered by doing posterior inference. We use variational inference to approximate the posteriors of latent variables and learn model parameters. Experiments on 180K Flickr photos demonstrate the effectiveness of our model.




How to Cite

Xie, P., Pei, Y., Xie, Y., & Xing, E. (2015). Mining User Interests from Personal Photos. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 29(1).



Main Track: Machine Learning Applications