Settling Decentralized Multi-Agent Coordinated Exploration by Novelty Sharing


  • Haobin Jiang Peking University
  • Ziluo Ding Peking University Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence
  • Zongqing Lu Peking University



MAS: Coordination and Collaboration, ML: Reinforcement Learning


Exploration in decentralized cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning faces two challenges. One is that the novelty of global states is unavailable, while the novelty of local observations is biased. The other is how agents can explore in a coordinated way. To address these challenges, we propose MACE, a simple yet effective multi-agent coordinated exploration method. By communicating only local novelty, agents can take into account other agents' local novelty to approximate the global novelty. Further, we newly introduce weighted mutual information to measure the influence of one agent's action on other agents' accumulated novelty. We convert it as an intrinsic reward in hindsight to encourage agents to exert more influence on other agents' exploration and boost coordinated exploration. Empirically, we show that MACE achieves superior performance in three multi-agent environments with sparse rewards.



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Jiang, H., Ding, Z., & Lu, Z. (2024). Settling Decentralized Multi-Agent Coordinated Exploration by Novelty Sharing. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 38(16), 17444-17452.



AAAI Technical Track on Multiagent Systems