Xaitk-Saliency: An Open Source Explainable AI Toolkit for Saliency


  • Brian Hu Kitware, Inc.
  • Paul Tunison Kitware, Inc.
  • Brandon RichardWebster Kitware, Inc.
  • Anthony Hoogs Kitware, Inc.




Explainable AI, Saliency, Software Framework, Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) using techniques such as deep learning have fueled the recent progress in fields such as computer vision. However, these algorithms are still often viewed as "black boxes", which cannot easily explain how they arrived at their final output decisions. Saliency maps are one commonly used form of explainable AI (XAI), which indicate the input features an algorithm paid attention to during its decision process. Here, we introduce the open source xaitk-saliency package, an XAI framework and toolkit for saliency. We demonstrate its modular and flexible nature by highlighting two example use cases for saliency maps: (1) object detection model comparison and (2) doppelganger saliency for person re-identification. We also show how the xaitk-saliency package can be paired with visualization tools to support the interactive exploration of saliency maps. Our results suggest that saliency maps may play a critical role in the verification and validation of AI models, ensuring their trusted use and deployment. The code is publicly available at: https://github.com/xaitk/xaitk-saliency.




How to Cite

Hu, B., Tunison, P., RichardWebster, B., & Hoogs, A. (2023). Xaitk-Saliency: An Open Source Explainable AI Toolkit for Saliency. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(13), 15760-15766. https://doi.org/10.1609/aaai.v37i13.26871



IAAI Technical Track on Innovative Tools for Enabling AI Application