Blending Advertising with Organic Content in E-commerce via Virtual Bids


  • Carlos Carrion JD.COM
  • Zenan Wang JD.COM
  • Harikesh Nair Stanford University JD.COM
  • Xianghong Luo JD.COM
  • Yulin Lei JD.COM
  • Peiqin Gu JD.COM
  • Xiliang Lin JD.COM
  • Wenlong Chen JD.COM
  • Junsheng Jin JD.COM
  • Fanan Zhu JD.COM
  • Changping Peng JD.COM
  • Yongjun Bao JD.COM
  • Zhangang Lin JD.COM
  • Weipeng Yan JD.COM
  • Jingping Shao JD.COM



Advertising, Ecommerce, Applications, Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems


It has become increasingly common that sponsored content (i.e., paid ads) and non-sponsored content are jointly displayed to users, especially on e-commerce platforms. Thus, both of these contents may interact together to influence their engagement behaviors. In general, sponsored content helps brands achieve their marketing goals and provides ad revenue to the platforms. In contrast, non-sponsored content contributes to the long-term health of the platform through increasing users' engagement. A key conundrum to platforms is learning how to blend both of these contents allowing their interactions to be considered and balancing these business objectives. This paper proposes a system built for this purpose and applied to product detail pages of JD.COM, an e-commerce company. This system achieves three objectives: (a) Optimization of competing business objectives via Virtual Bids allowing the expressiveness of the valuation of the platform for these objectives. (b) Modeling the users' click behaviors considering explicitly the influence exerted by the sponsored and non-sponsored content displayed alongside through a deep learning approach. (c) Consideration of a Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG) Auction design compatible with the allocation of ads and its induced externalities. Experiments are presented demonstrating the performance of the proposed system. Moreover, our approach is fully deployed and serves all traffic through JD.COM's mobile application.




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Carrion, C., Wang, Z., Nair, H., Luo, X., Lei, Y., Gu, P., Lin, X., Chen, W., Jin, J., Zhu, F., Peng, C., Bao, Y., Lin, Z., Yan, W., & Shao, J. (2023). Blending Advertising with Organic Content in E-commerce via Virtual Bids. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(13), 15476-15484.



IAAI Technical Track on deployed Highly Innovative Applications of AI