MPMQA: Multimodal Question Answering on Product Manuals


  • Liang Zhang Renmin University of China
  • Anwen Hu Renming University of China
  • Jing Zhang Samsung Research China - Beijing (SRC-B)
  • Shuo Hu Samsung Research China - Beijing (SRC-B)
  • Qin Jin Renmin University of China



SNLP: Question Answering, CV: Language and Vision


Visual contents, such as illustrations and images, play a big role in product manual understanding. Existing Product Manual Question Answering (PMQA) datasets tend to ignore visual contents and only retain textual parts. In this work, to emphasize the importance of multimodal contents, we propose a Multimodal Product Manual Question Answering (MPMQA) task. For each question, MPMQA requires the model not only to process multimodal contents but also to provide multimodal answers. To support MPMQA, a large-scale dataset PM209 is constructed with human annotations, which contains 209 product manuals from 27 well-known consumer electronic brands. Human annotations include 6 types of semantic regions for manual contents and 22,021 pairs of question and answer. Especially, each answer consists of a textual sentence and related visual regions from manuals. Taking into account the length of product manuals and the fact that a question is always related to a small number of pages, MPMQA can be naturally split into two subtasks: retrieving most related pages and then generating multimodal answers. We further propose a unified model that can perform these two subtasks all together and achieve comparable performance with multiple task-specific models. The PM209 dataset is available at




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Zhang, L., Hu, A., Zhang, J., Hu, S., & Jin, Q. (2023). MPMQA: Multimodal Question Answering on Product Manuals. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(11), 13958-13966.



AAAI Technical Track on Speech & Natural Language Processing