Reducing Sentiment Bias in Pre-trained Sentiment Classification via Adaptive Gumbel Attack


  • Jiachen Tian Tianjin University
  • Shizhan Chen Tianjin University
  • Xiaowang Zhang Tianjin University
  • Xin Wang Tianjin University
  • Zhiyong Feng Tianjin University



SNLP: Sentiment Analysis and Stylistic Analysis, SNLP: Language Models


Pre-trained language models (PLMs) have recently enabled rapid progress on sentiment classification under the pre-train and fine-tune paradigm, where the fine-tuning phase aims to transfer the factual knowledge learned by PLMs to sentiment classification. However, current fine-tuning methods ignore the risk that PLMs cause the problem of sentiment bias, that is, PLMs tend to inject positive or negative sentiment from the contextual information of certain entities (or aspects) into their word embeddings, leading them to establish spurious correlations with labels. In this paper, we propose an adaptive Gumbel-attacked classifier that immunes sentiment bias from an adversarial-attack perspective. Due to the complexity and diversity of sentiment bias, we construct multiple Gumbel-attack expert networks to generate various noises from mixed Gumbel distribution constrained by mutual information minimization, and design an adaptive training framework to synthesize complex noise by confidence-guided controlling the number of expert networks. Finally, we capture these noises that effectively simulate sentiment bias based on the feedback of the classifier, and then propose a multi-channel parameter updating algorithm to strengthen the classifier to recognize these noises by fusing the parameters between the classifier and each expert network. Experimental results illustrate that our method significantly reduced sentiment bias and improved the performance of sentiment classification.




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Tian, J., Chen, S., Zhang, X., Wang, X., & Feng, Z. (2023). Reducing Sentiment Bias in Pre-trained Sentiment Classification via Adaptive Gumbel Attack. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(11), 13646-13654.



AAAI Technical Track on Speech & Natural Language Processing