Periodic Multi-Agent Path Planning


  • Kazumi Kasaura OMRON SINIC X Corporation
  • Ryo Yonetani OMRON SINIC X Corporation
  • Mai Nishimura OMRON SINIC X Corporation



ROB: Motion and Path Planning, ROB: Multi-Robot Systems


Multi-agent path planning (MAPP) is the problem of planning collision-free trajectories from start to goal locations for a team of agents. This work explores a relatively unexplored setting of MAPP where streams of agents have to go through the starts and goals with high throughput. We tackle this problem by formulating a new variant of MAPP called periodic MAPP in which the timing of agent appearances is periodic. The objective with periodic MAPP is to find a periodic plan, a set of collision-free trajectories that the agent streams can use repeatedly over periods, with periods that are as small as possible. To meet this objective, we propose a solution method that is based on constraint relaxation and optimization. We show that the periodic plans once found can be used for a more practical case in which agents in a stream can appear at random times. We confirm the effectiveness of our method compared with baseline methods in terms of throughput in several scenarios that abstract autonomous intersection management tasks.




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Kasaura, K., Yonetani, R., & Nishimura, M. (2023). Periodic Multi-Agent Path Planning. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 37(5), 6183-6191.



AAAI Technical Track on Intelligent Robotics