Resolving Inconsistencies in Simple Temporal Problems: A Parameterized Approach


  • Konrad K. Dabrowski Newcastle University
  • Peter Jonsson Linköping University
  • Sebastian Ordyniak University of Leeds
  • George Osipov Linköping University



Constraint Satisfaction And Optimization (CSO)


The simple temporal problem (STP) is one of the most influential reasoning formalisms for representing temporal information in AI. We study the problem of resolving inconsistency of data encoded in the STP. We prove that the problem of identifying a maximally large consistent subset of data is NP-hard. In practical instances, it is reasonable to assume that the amount of erroneous data is small. We therefore parameterize by the number of constraints that need to be removed to achieve consistency. Using tools from parameterized complexity we design fixed-parameter tractable algorithms for two large fragments of the STP. Our main algorithmic results employ reductions to the Directed Subset Feedback Arc Set problem and iterative compression combined with an efficient algorithm for the Edge Multicut problem. We complement our algorithmic results with hardness results that rule out fixed-parameter tractable algorithms for all remaining non-trivial fragments of the STP (under standard complexity-theoretic assumptions). Together, our results give a full classification of the classical and parameterized complexity of the problem.




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Dabrowski, K. K., Jonsson, P., Ordyniak, S., & Osipov, G. (2022). Resolving Inconsistencies in Simple Temporal Problems: A Parameterized Approach. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 36(4), 3724-3732.



AAAI Technical Track on Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization