Expressive Real-Time Intersection Scheduling


  • Rick Goldstein Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stephen Smith Carnegie Mellon University



A* Search, Heuristic Search, Traffic Scheduling


We present Expressive Real-time Intersection Scheduling (ERIS), a schedule-driven control strategy for adaptive intersection control to reduce traffic congestion. ERIS maintains separate estimates for each lane approaching a traffic intersection allowing it to more accurately estimate the effects of scheduling decisions than previous schedule-driven approaches. We present a detailed description of the search space and A* search heuristic employed by ERIS to make scheduling decisions in real-time (every second). As a result of its increased expressiveness, ERIS outperforms a less expressive schedule-driven approach and a fully-actuated control method in a variety of simulated traffic environments.




How to Cite

Goldstein, R., & Smith, S. (2018). Expressive Real-Time Intersection Scheduling. Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 32(1).