Research at Jet Propulsion Laboratory


  • Leonard Friedman



AI research at JPL started in 1972 when design and construction of experimental "Mars Rover" began. Early in that effort, it was recognized that rover planning capabilities were inadequate. Research in planning was begun in 1975, and work on a succession of AI expert systems of steadily increasing power has continued to the present. Within the group, we have concentrated our efforts on expert systems, although work on vision and robotics has continued in a separate organizations, with which we have maintained informal contacts. The thrust of our work has been to build expert systems that can be applied in a real-world environment, and to actually put our systems into such environments, taking a consultative responsibility for meeting user requirements. Several supportive tools for AI are also being built. The current computational environment includes a large main-frame as well as high-performance personal LISP machines. A separate group has been engaged in the design of an intelligent work station with advanced graphic displays intended to interface with AI systems.




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