AAAI 2002 Workshops


  • Brian Blake
  • Karen Haigh
  • Henry Hexmoor
  • Rino Falcone
  • Leen-Kiat Soh
  • Chitta Baral
  • Sheila McIlraith
  • Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
  • Simon Parsons
  • Rainer Malaka
  • Antonio Krueger
  • Paolo Bouquet
  • Bill Smart
  • Koichi Kurumantani
  • Adam Pease
  • Michael Brenner
  • Marie desJardins
  • Ulrich Junker
  • Jim Delgrande
  • Jon Doyle
  • Francesca Rossi
  • Torsten Schaub
  • Carla Gomes
  • Toby Walsh
  • Haipeng Guo
  • Eric J. Horvitz
  • Nancy Ide
  • Chris Welty
  • Frank D. Anger
  • Hans W. Guegen
  • Gerald Ligozat



The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) presented the AAAI-02 Workshop Program on Sunday and Monday, 28-29 July 2002 at the Shaw Convention Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The AAAI-02 workshop program included 18 workshops covering a wide range of topics in AI. The workshops were Agent-Based Technologies for B2B Electronic-Commerce; Automation as a Caregiver: The Role of Intelligent Technology in Elder Care; Autonomy, Delegation, and Control: From Interagent to Groups; Coalition Formation in Dynamic Multiagent Environments; Cognitive Robotics; Game-Theoretic and Decision-Theoretic Agents; Intelligent Service Integration; Intelligent Situation-Aware Media and Presentations; Meaning Negotiation; Multiagent Modeling and Simulation of Economic Systems; Ontologies and the Semantic Web; Planning with and for Multiagent Systems; Preferences in AI and CP: Symbolic Approaches; Probabilistic Approaches in Search; Real-Time Decision Support and Diagnosis Systems; Semantic Web Meets Language Resources; and Spatial and Temporal Reasoning.




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Blake, B., Haigh, K., Hexmoor, H., Falcone, R., Soh, L.-K., Baral, C., McIlraith, S., Gmytrasiewicz, P., Parsons, S., Malaka, R., Krueger, A., Bouquet, P., Smart, B., Kurumantani, K., Pease, A., Brenner, M., desJardins, M., Junker, U., Delgrande, J., Doyle, J., Rossi, F., Schaub, T., Gomes, C., Walsh, T., Guo, H., Horvitz, E. J., Ide, N., Welty, C., Anger, F. D., Guegen, H. W., & Ligozat, G. (2002). AAAI 2002 Workshops. AI Magazine, 23(4), 113.



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