AAAI Workshop on Cooperation Among Heterogeneous Intelligent Agents


  • Mark Adler
  • Edmund Durfee
  • Michael Huhns
  • William Punch
  • Evangelos Simoudis



Recent attempts to develop larger and more complex knowledge-based systems have revealed the shortcomings and problems of centralized, single-agent architectures and have acted as a springboard for research in distributed AI (DAI). Although initial research efforts in DAI concentrated on issues relating to homogeneous systems (that is, systems using agents of a similar type or with similar knowledge), there is now increasing interest in systems comprised of heterogeneous components. The workshop on cooperation among heterogeneous intelligent agents, held July 15 during the 1991 National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, was organized by Evangelos Simoudis, Mark Adler, Michael Huhns, and Edmund Durfee. It was designed to bring together researchers and practitioners who are studying how to enable a heterogeneous collection of independent intelligent systems to cooperate in solving problems that require their combined abilities.




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Adler, M., Durfee, E., Huhns, M., Punch, W., & Simoudis, E. (1992). AAAI Workshop on Cooperation Among Heterogeneous Intelligent Agents. AI Magazine, 13(2), 39.



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