An End-to-End Conversational Second Screen Application for TV Program Discovery


  • Peter Z. Yeh Nuance Communications
  • Deepak Ramachandran Nuance Communications
  • Benjamin Douglas Nuance Communications
  • Adwait Ratnaparkhi Nuance Communications
  • William Jarrold Nuance Communications
  • Ronald Provine Nuance Communications
  • Peter F. Patel-Schneider Nuance Communications
  • Stephen Laverty Nuance Communications
  • Nirvana Tikku Nuance Communications
  • Sean Brown Nuance Communications
  • Jeremy Mendel Nuance Communications
  • Adam Emfield Nuance Communications



In this article, we report on a multiphase R&D effort to develop a conversational second screen application for TV program discovery. Our goal is to share with the community the breadth of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language (NL) technologies required to develop such an application along with learnings from target end-users. We first give an overview of our application from the perspective of the end-user. We then present the architecture of our application along with the main AI and NL components, which were developed over multiple phases. The first phase focuses on enabling core functionality such as effectively finding programs matching the user’s intent. The second phase focuses on enabling dialog with the user. Finally, we present two user studies, corresponding to these two phases. The results from both studies demonstrate the effectiveness of our application in the target domain.




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Yeh, P. Z., Ramachandran, D., Douglas, B., Ratnaparkhi, A., Jarrold, W., Provine, R., Patel-Schneider, P. F., Laverty, S., Tikku, N., Brown, S., Mendel, J., & Emfield, A. (2015). An End-to-End Conversational Second Screen Application for TV Program Discovery. AI Magazine, 36(3), 73-89.