The Answer Set Programming Competition


  • Francesco Calimeri Universita' della Calabria
  • Giovambattista Ianni Universita' della Calabria
  • Thomas Krennwallner Vienna University of Technology
  • Francesco Ricca Universita' della Calabria



The Answer Set Programming (ASP) Competition is a biannual event for evaluating declarative knowledge representation systems on hard and demanding AI problems. The competition consists of two main tracks: the ASP system track and the model and solve track. The traditional system track compares dedicated answer set solvers on ASP benchmarks, while the model and solve track invites any researcher and developer of declarative knowledge representation systems to participate in an open challenge for solving sophisticated AI problems with their tools of choice. This article provides an overview of the ASP competition series, reviews its origins and history, giving insights on organizing and running such an elaborate event, and briefly discusses about the lessons learned so far.




How to Cite

Calimeri, F., Ianni, G., Krennwallner, T., & Ricca, F. (2012). The Answer Set Programming Competition. AI Magazine, 33(4), 114.



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