An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View Clustering


  • Derek Greene University College Dublin
  • Jill Freyne CSIRO
  • Barry Smyth University College Dublin
  • Pádraig Cunningham University College Dublin



CBR, review, clustering, multi-view learning


The European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) in 2008 marked 15 years of international and European CBR conferences where almost seven hundred research papers were published. In this report we review the research themes covered in these papers and identify the topics that are active at the moment. The main mechanism for this analysis is a clustering of the research papers based on both co-citation links and text similarity. It is interesting to note that the core set of papers has attracted citations from almost three thousand papers outside the conference collection so it is clear that the CBR conferences are a sub-part of a much larger whole. It is remarkable that the research themes revealed by this analysis do not map directly to the sub-topics of CBR that might appear in a textbook. Instead they reflect the applications-oriented focus of CBR research, and cover the promising application areas and research challenges that are faced.

Author Biographies

Derek Greene, University College Dublin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Computer Science and Informatics

Jill Freyne, CSIRO

Research Scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Barry Smyth, University College Dublin

Digital Chair of Computer Science, School of Computer Science and Informatics

Pádraig Cunningham, University College Dublin

Professor of Knowledge and Data Engineering, School of Computer Science and Informatics




How to Cite

Greene, D., Freyne, J., Smyth, B., & Cunningham, P. (2010). An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View Clustering. AI Magazine, 31(2), 45.