The 2002 AAAI Spring Symposium Series


  • Jussi Karlgren
  • Pentti Kanerva
  • Bjorn Gamback
  • Kenneth D. Forbus
  • Kagan Tumer
  • Peter Stone
  • Kai Goebel
  • Gaurav S. Sukhatme
  • Tucker Balch
  • Bernd Fischer
  • Doug Smith
  • Sanda Harabagiu
  • Vinay Chaudri
  • Mike Barley
  • Hans Guesgen
  • Thomas Stahovich
  • Randall Davis
  • James Landay



The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with Stanford University's Department of Computer Science, presented the 2002 Spring Symposium Series, held Monday through Wednesday, 25 to 27 March 2002, at Stanford University. The nine symposia were entitled (1) Acquiring (and Using) Linguistic (and World) Knowledge for Information Access; (2) Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Entertainment; (3) Collaborative Learning Agents; (4) Information Refinement and Revision for Decision Making: Modeling for Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Prediction; (5) Intelligent Distributed and Embedded Systems; (6) Logic-Based Program Synthesis: State of the Art and Future Trends; (7) Mining Answers from Texts and Knowledge Bases; (8) Safe Learning Agents; and (9) Sketch Understanding.




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Karlgren, J., Kanerva, P., Gamback, B., Forbus, K. D., Tumer, K., Stone, P., Goebel, K., Sukhatme, G. S., Balch, T., Fischer, B., Smith, D., Harabagiu, S., Chaudri, V., Barley, M., Guesgen, H., Stahovich, T., Davis, R., & Landay, J. (2002). The 2002 AAAI Spring Symposium Series. AI Magazine, 23(4), 101.



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