AI Research and Applications in Digital's Service Organization


  • Anil Rewari
  • Mark Adler
  • Peter Anick
  • Meyer Billmers
  • Mike Carifio
  • Alan Gunderson
  • Neil Pundit
  • Mark W. Swartwout



The Digital Services Research Group and its predecessor groups and offshoots in Digital Equipment Corporation have been mobilizing leading-edge AI research to bear on real-life problems that face the corporation and its customers. The general strategy of the group is to explore emerging techniques relevant to service and support needs through developing rapid prototypes, deploying these prototypes, and incorporating feedback from users. With over 32 major projects undertaken during the past decade, we have worked on broad spectrum of problems and explored a variety of advanced AI techniques. This article describes the current AI activities in five areas: (1) enterprise advisory systems, (2) natural language processing and textual information retrieval, (3) largescale knowledge base management and access, (4) software configuration management, and (5) intrusion detection. We also list some future research directions.




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Rewari, A., Adler, M., Anick, P., Billmers, M., Carifio, M., Gunderson, A., Pundit, N., & Swartwout, M. W. (1992). AI Research and Applications in Digital’s Service Organization. AI Magazine, 13(4), 63.