Optimal and Bounded Suboptimal Any-Angle Multi-agent Pathfinding (Extended Abstract)


  • Konstantin Yakovlev Federal Research Center for Computer Science and Control RAS AIRI
  • Anton Andreychuk AIRI
  • Roni Stern Ben Gurion University of the Negev




Multi-agent pathfinding (MAPF) is the problem of finding a set of conflict-free paths for a set of agents. We explore how to solve MAPF problems when each agent can move between any pair of possible locations as long as traversing the line segment connecting them does not lead to a collision with the obstacles. This is known as any-angle pathfinding. We present the first optimal any-angle multi-agent pathfinding algorithm. Our planner is based on the Continuous Conflict-based Search (CCBS) algorithm and an optimal any-angle variant of the Safe Interval Path Planning (TO-AA-SIPP). The straightforward combination of those, however, scales poorly. To mitigate this, we adapt two techniques from classical MAPF to the any-angle setting, namely Disjoint Splitting and Multi-Constraints. Experimental results on different combinations of these techniques show they enable solving over 30% more problems than the vanilla combination of CCBS and TO-AA-SIPP. In addition, we present a bounded-suboptimal variant of our algorithm, that enables trading runtime for solution cost in a controlled manner.